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Top Point Earners

    GWC Member Rewards Program

    The GWC Member Rewards Program is a system to give back to our loyal Global WebSphere Community Members. A GWC member earns loyalty points based on activity in the Global WebSphere Community. Earn points for making a blog post, uploading a presentation, posting in the forums, and more.

    The GWC Member Rewards Program awards prizes to GWC members with the most Lifetime Points quarterly.

    You can earn points on the site through the following activities:

    Contributions Points
    Provide a WebSphere testimonial/case study 100
    Post a presentation 80
    Post an Article 100
    Upload a video 50
    Add a blog post 50
    Helpful response to forum posts 45
    Share content 25
    Start a forum thread of technical merit 25
    Refer a new member 20
    Completing or updating your user profile 10
    Rate content 10
    Post a comment 10
    Join a group 10
    Send a network invite 10
    Vote in a poll 10
    Upload a photo 5
    Update your status 5

    Loyalty Badges

    As you earn loyalty points for the GWC Member Rewards Program, you will see badges displayed on your My GWC page (the page for your GWC account) and your profile page. In addition, when you post in a forum or reply to a forum post, your achievement level will be noted with a small image of the badge or badges you’ve earned.

    Badges are earned at the following levels:
    •    500 lifetime points = Rising Star
    •    1500 lifetime points = Comet
    •    5000 lifetime points = Super Nova

    You can see your lifetime points by logging in to your GWC account. Click on the My GWC link in the light blue menu bar if you are not taken to your account page upon login.  You will see your lifetime points under your profile picture on the right.

    If you notice that you have enough points for a badge, but don’t see them on your profile, just do one of the quick activities that earns you points listed above, and you should see the badges the next time you refresh your page.

    Don’t miss out on your chance to win IBM WebSphere Education offerings, GWC Merchandise, discounts to Impact, and nomination to the IBM Champions program!

    Rules: Content uploaded must be unique, WebSphere-related content.  Lifetime points will not be awarded for personal or non-WebSphere content or for duplicate content uploaded by the same person. Privacy setting for content must be set to "Public" where applicable. Prizes will be awarded based on value of the contribution to the community. Employees of IBM; UCG; and national, state, or local governments of any country are eligible to earn points and badges but are not eligible to win GWC Member Rewards prizes.


    See our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us at

    Congratulations to our GWC Member Rewards Program Winners!

    The following GWC Member Rewards Program winners have provided quality, technical content in the forums, through blog posts, and through other content posted to the GWC site.  Each winner receives one no-charge online IBM WebSphere Education course of his or her choice.  Thank you to everyone for your contributions!

    4Q 2013 Madhava Pillala
    3Q 2013 Joseph Amrith Raj
    Charley Rich 
    2Q 2013 Danielle Keeling
    Elena Nanos
    Jim Mason 
    1Q 2013 Gabriel Abesuratri
    4Q 2012 Erik Solinger
    Danielle Keeling
    Charley Rich
    3Q 2012 Rajarathinam N
    Ahmed Abdelmonsef
    Ralph Swartwood
    2Q 2012 Joseph Amrith Raj
    Mustafa Qutbuddin
    Stephan Seelig
    1Q 2012 Christoph Lindemann
    Steve Robinson
    Karthick Karthikeyan
    4Q 2011 Charanjeet Singh 
    Gabriel Aberasturi
    Pankaj Narkhede
    3Q 2011 Rajarathinam N
    2Q 2011 Ahmed Abdel Monsef
    1Q 2011 Joseph Amrith Raj
    Rene Crozier
    Erik Solinger

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