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    Whitepaper: Demystifying Middleware for DevOps

    Today’s application environments require coordination and collaboration across virtually all silos, and this is typically accomplished with teams of senior specialists from both Development and Operations. Tools play a key role in DevOps, and the right ones can be a bridge supplying a “common language” across teams with diverse capabilities and “technology languages”.

    Too often, the development team lacks critical access to the tools they need to reproduce production problems. This is particularly true of management tools for middleware solutions, such as IBM WebSphere MQ (WMQ). Typically, testing teams must interact with WMQ administrators to request WMQ-specific information, since they have no direct access of their own.

    In this whitepaper you will learn EMA’s perspective on enabling development and QA teams with high quality tools that deliver visibility to WMQ messages. Nastel’s “freemium” AutoPilot® On-Demand for WMQ gives these teams access to a production-grade MQ diagnostics solution using a web browser, and without impacting production systems.

    Read this whitepaper from Enterprise Management Associates to learn how:

    1. Users in development and testing can download a Freemium WMQ diagnostics tool with zero installation
    2. Gain the ability to reproduce production problems  without depending on simulation
    3. Test message management by moving, copying, editing, routing, replaying and creating messages without impacting production
    4. DevOps can be enabled to work across test and production, speak the same language and test the same cases
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