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      Date: September 9, 2014
      Patient Claims Done Right: Reliably Automate Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) Delivery with DataPower and IBM Integration Bus (IIB)
      12 pm US Eastern 


      Few things are more important or sensitive than patients’ electronic medical records. Security, accuracy, and reliability are non-negotiable. Learn how one medical transport company achieved end-to-end servicing of patient records, from initial input to cloud-based payment. Identify best practices and guidelines that let you monitor each transaction through an operational data store—the final piece in protected data exchanges that simplify and maximize your operations. Rapid, secure customer data transfer is attainable—and middleware is the key.

      Encounter how IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere DataPower, and IBM Integration Bus form the basis for data delivery across every system and process, both new and legacy, in your enterprise.

      Attend this webcast and learn how to achieve:

      • Seamless integration between Cloud and On Premise Applications through IBM middleware 
      • Lower support costs, better data quality, and more accurate billings 
      • Comprehensive deployment of IBM WebSphere DataPower and IBM Integration Bus

      September 18, 2014
      Title: Enhance Your Open Source Mobile Strategy with IBM Worklight
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Open ecosystems and open source technologies enable businesses to experience the benefits of interoperability and to design, develop, and deploy more innovative mobile applications. Learn how IBM Worklight embraces and builds on the benefits of open source, and gives you a simplified development experience with best-in-class enterprise-level service and functionality.

      Build, test, run and better manage native, hybrid, and mobile web apps—attend this webcast and:

      • Utilize IBM Worklight built-in security features 
      • Add a robust testing framework 
      • Integrate mobile apps with your existing backend application and services 
      • Better manage the lifecycle of your mobile apps

      Date: September 30, 2014
      Title: Make applications responsive and easier to scale: Introducing IBM WebSphere MQ Light
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Application developers of today frequently try new apps and concepts that exist outside of their companies’ core business systems. They pick technologies best-suited for their unique circumstances and favor quick access to tools. When it comes to application delivery, you can’t ignore the importance of messaging runtime. Attend this webcast to find out how IBM MQ Light and IBM MQ Light for Bluemix— the new lightweight messaging solution that can make applications more responsive and easier to scale— provide a simple messaging API that developers can install, configure, and use to write applications in just a few minutes. Learn more from the creators of this tool on how it will help developers accelerate application delivery and evolve with the times.

      Webcast attendees will:

      • Gain an understanding of IBM MQ Light’s features and benefits 
      • Learn why and who should use IBM MQ Light and how is it different from IBM WebSphere MQ 
      • Delve into the different deployment options of IBM MQ Light, including deployment in the IBM Bluemix Cloud to take advantage of a managed cloud service as well as enable future deployments to use IBM WebSphere MQ 
      • Understand different use cases of MQ Light 
      • Step through a demo on how to get started on the journeyDate: September 

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