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      Date: Thursday, May 28
      Title: Secure and optimize the delivery of your mobile applications, APIs, and cloud infrastructure APIs: Learn about the newest enhancements on IBM DataPower Gateways

      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Learn how a single, converged gateway can help you reduce costs while improving security. Explore the new mobile and cloud capabilities provided by IBM DataPower Gateways that provide additional deployment flexibility and enhanced security of mobile applications. 

      Find out how the modular and extensible gateway platform allows you to secure, integrate, control and optimize a full range of workloads and get best practices to rapidly expand the scope of valuable IT assets to new channels and use cases. 

      In this session, you will learn the unique DataPower firmware’s capabilities to: 

      • Deliver security and integration gateway capabilities on the cloud 
      • Increase the integrity and confidentiality of mobile workloads with enhanced mobile security 
      • Protect against malicious attacks with robust platform security 

      Date: Tuesday, June 2
      Title: Tips and tricks to build geolocation into your apps and boost user engagement
      Time: 12 pm US Eastern


      Mobile apps that provide flat information about maps, location details, and area resources often fail to sustain customer interest. Users don’t just want to know what street they’re on; they want to know who and what is around them. Attend this webcast to get best practices into features like geospatial queries that provide much more compelling results than pins on a map. 

      Attend this webcast and learn: 

      • How to build geolocation into your mobile app strategy to boost and sustain user engagement 
      • How to provide end-user experiences that seamlessly integrate every detail about your business 
      • About the options for spatial queries provided through Cloudant including how it can enrich geospatial queries 
      • Details on how and why to use spatial queries with results based on bounding polygons, rectangles and circles or ellipses 
      • How to leverage predictive path analyses to identify points of interests near your mobile app users 

      Date: Tuesday, June 30
      Title: Implement gamification that engages users and boosts profitability with IBM Bluemix Smarter Process Services
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Gamification can increase user engagement and provide high-quality data about your audience, but deployments that are performed incorrectly can fall flat and fail to snag users’ interest. 

      Attend this webcast to learn how to use the IBM Bluemix Gamification service to deliver an engaging experience that draws customers to your site while collecting valuable marketing data. Understand how the IBM Bluemix Workflow and Rules services drive the gamification flow and make decisions based upon business criteria. Hear how these technologies can quickly modify your gamification program based upon changing business conditions. 

      Join this webcast to learn:

      • How to easily make changes to your gamification program “on the fly” without touching your app 
      • How to create gamification programs with a high level of reusability for other game scenarios
      • How to use Business Rules services to tweak gamification programs to encourage higher profitability 

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