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Global WebSphere Community Newsletter -- October 2010
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3:51PM - Oct 12, 2010


WUG News and Updates 

Happy Halloween from the GWC!

Upcoming WUG Meetings for October and November 2010

The Global WebSphere Community Presents: New WebSphere Product Announcements to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Mark your calendar now to hear about the new WebSphere Product Announcements in the Application Infrastructure, Connectivity and Integration and BPM coming in October.

Don’t miss these webcasts:

Date:  October 20, 2010
Topic: What's New with WebSphere Application Infrastructure Products?
Time: 11:00 AM EDT

View the replay and download the presentation

On October 12th, IBM WebSphere is announcing new additions to its ever expanding product portfolio — products that can help your business run faster, more cost effectively and more efficiently.  Join this webcast to hear our WebSphere Technical Architects discuss how these new product announcements can enhance your current WebSphere investment.  You'll hear about new application infrastructure products including: WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit, WebSphere Application Server v7 Feature Pack for Modern Batch, and a sneak preview into WebSphere Application Server v8 beta!

Date:  October 27, 2010
Topic: What's New with WebSphere BPM?
Time:  11:00 AM EDT

View the replay and download the presentation

A successful roadmap to agility leverages Business Process Management, business rules, and business events capabilities to optimize the processes and decisions across the dynamic business network.  The expanding WebSphere BPM portfolio now encompasses WebSphere Lombardi Edition, WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere ILOG JRules, WebSphere Business Monitor, SOA, Cloud, DataPower SOA Appliances, and more, all intended to accelerate your business’s process improvements.  Listen to one of the leading WebSphere architects describe the technical nuances of "what's new" in the product offerings that are at the heart of your business.

Date:  November 3, 2010
Topic: What's New with WebSphere Connectivity and Integration?
Time:  11:00 AM EDT

View the replay and download the presentation

With recent acquisitions including Cast Iron and Sterling Commerce, it's an exciting time for IBM WebSphere Connectivity and Integration.  In today’s increasingly complex business environment, organizations need to have seamless integration and connection within the boundaries of the organization and across trading networks.
These acquisitions and new WebSphere offerings like WebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security, MQ Telemetry, and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition, WebSphere Message Broker Hypervisor Edition, as well as enhancements to core products like WebSphere MQ LLM, WSRR Service Federation Management and Message Broker version 7.0 provide the agility that today's dynamic business networks require.  Come join Sid Bhatia, Program Director for WebSphere Connectivity Product Management, as he expounds upon these exciting new announcements!

For more information, please visit our landing page.

Business Partner Profile: XebiaLabs

Xebialabs, B.V., the creator of Deployit, a leading application deployment automation solution, is based in Hilversum, The Netherlands.  XebiaLabs’ Deployit solution is particularly well suited for WebSphere environments and becoming a Global WebSphere Community Business Partner was a natural fit.

“Deploying applications to WebSphere can often be a cumbersome and tedious process,” explains XebiaLabs CEO Coert Baart, “on average, companies invest over $850,000 (€568,500) per year on creating and maintaining deployment scripts alone. With 28% of all server downtime being caused by configuration changes, updates or deployments to the WebSphere platform, the GWC provides a rich environment for developing business.” 

The Global WebSphere Community reaches tens of thousands of WebSphere professionals every month – the GWC Partner Program allows companies like XebiaLabs to get their message to decision makers in the community that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to reach.  “When we want to send a targeted message specifically to people working in the WebSphere platform, the GWC Partner Program makes that happen for us”, says Baart, “a recent email sent to the community on our behalf resulted in dozens of new leads overnight.”

The GWC Partner Program delivers value far beyond simple advertising.  They work as an advisor helping partners choose the right mix of sponsored articles, white papers and webinars that are likely to deliver the desired outcome to partners in terms of brand recognition and lead generation.

XebiaLabs counts KLM/Air France, Crédit Agricole Group, French National Railway SNCF and dozens of other firms using WebSphere platforms as satisfied clients. “The WebSphere community is a critical market segment for us.  Maintaining an active presence in the GWC helps us raise our profile and starts conversations with people for whom we provide sensible and effective solutions.” said Baart.

For more information about how XebiaLabs Deployit solution can help you with automating your application deployments, go to

To learn how the GWC Business Partner Program can help you deliver targeted messages to WebSphere professionals, contact Scott Treggiari at or 1-781-751-8734. 

IMPACT 2011 sponsors and exhibitors are eligible to get a 25% discount off their GWC Business Partner Program.  For more information about exhibiting at IMPACT 2011 being held April 10-15, 2011 in Las Veags, please contact Pari Lasch at 312-541-0567 ext. 654 or via e-mail at


News on the Web

SOA Software’s Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower is unique in its ability to manage services, define and distribute policy, and collect and display monitoring data for clusters of DataPower appliances. It allows customers to implement and enforce consistent, uniform policies throughout their infrastructure, providing visibility into enterprise service usage, performance, and availability from network edge to application.

Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower allows customers to:

  • Leverage DataPower as part of a unified governance automation solution
  • Centrally define policies and apply them to services distributed across multiple DataPower appliances
  • Manage a cluster of DataPower appliances as a single entity
  • Gain visibility into service and appliance performance, individual messages, and business transactions from a single administration console

Whitepaper: Java Deployments in an Enterprise Environment

The proper deployment of Java applications to WebSphere can be a cumbersome process. Errors during the deployment process often impact both Development and IT Operations.

For an optimal deployment process, a company usually faces one or more of the eight deployment pitfalls listed in this whitepaper written by XebiaLabs.
Examples of such pitfalls are:

  • Using heavy deployment manuals that are incomplete and not up-to-date.
  • Working with middleware environments that are not in-synch.
  • Having an incomplete view of all existing deployments.

These pitfalls cause serious problems for smooth and reliable application deployments.

Automating Java deployments using a Deployment Automation solution is a significant step forward in eliminating these deployment problems.

This whitepaper titled “Java Deployments in an Enterprise Environment” also describes the requirements that can be used as a rule-of-thumb when considering a (new) Deployment Automation solution. Click here to download the whitepaper.

RedGuide: Discover, Interact, and Optimize for Smarter Healthcare with BPM Powered by Smart SOA
This IBM® Redguide™ describes one of the most significant challenges in healthcare today: the need for healthcare providers to effect patient care positively and proactively in the face of increasing patient load and information overload. However, the healthcare industry has been slow to embrace information technology (IT) solutions that can optimize clinical and administrative processes and, therefore, maximize the cost-effectiveness of care. The sluggish healthcare industry adoption of IT is attributable in large measure to the unavailability or inadequacy of IT tools for use at the point of care (POC). Such tools can enable user-friendly, complete, accurate, and timely clinical decision support, inherent in which is the real-time contribution to the medical common body of knowledge (CBOK).

IBM WebSphere® business process management (BPM) powered by smart service-oriented architecture (SOA), or BPM powered by Smart SOA, has the potential to maintain the increasing CBOK. It also makes critical, current data available to practitioners in a manner that is consistent with the evidence-based, event-driven environment to which healthcare aspires. BPM powered by Smart SOA can also automate healthcare provider administrative and care delivery processes to optimize enterprise operations and to maximize the safety and success of patient care.

Solution Brief: Modernize Existing Core Systems for Greater Agility for Public Healthcare & Government
Proven Business Process Management (BPM) powered by Smart Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) or BPM powered by Smart SOA solutions are specially designed to help private and public healthcare enterprises and governmental organizations drive business agility.

White Paper: Using Business Process Management and Business Analytics Together for Smarter Work
IBM helps organizations confront business challenges with a combination of industry-leading Business Process Management and Business Analytics technologies. The combination of these technologies can help CIOs raise the ROI of IT investments, make innovation real by leveraging the latest technology, and position their companies for growth in this flat world.

Smarter-Simpler-Faster Process Improvement:  Combining Flexible BPM and Business Rules for Faster ROI
For process improvement projects, a flexible Business Process Management (BPM) solution provides a lower implementation cost, effort and risk than other BPM alternatives. This flexibility advantage is enhanced by the decision management capabilities of an integrated Business Rules Management System (BRMS). Many BPM solutions offer limited process rule support and therefore can’t scale to manage decision-making rules that are more complex, change frequently or span multiple processes, such as those that control account opening, claims processing, vendor onboarding, campaign management, order fulfillment, customer problem-handling, and other core processes. BRMS extends the value of BPM. Learn how today!

BPM Brochure: Achieve Agility and Profitable Growth with Process Automation
IBM's process automation and integration solutions help avert the high cost of hard-coding complex integrations between in-house, supplier or customer applications. It offers the flexibility and agility to combine IT assets and accommodate changes and helps ensure consistent performance.

Solution Brief: IBM Enterprise Service Bus for Healthcare
Enabling new levels of integration and interoperability for today’s demanding hospitals and health plans.

The WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus for Healthcare (ESB-HC) provides a cost-effective method for healthcare providers and plans/payers to integrate data and applications from disparate sources, both within and beyond their own enterprises; support HL7 and non-HL7 messaging standards using the Common Information Model (CIM) approach; implement "intelligent interoperability" among hospital information systems (HISs) and ancillary/departmental systems; and leverage the reliability of IBM information technology.

IBM Business Process Management Stories, September 2010
Read through this new case study book to learn about the broad range of BPM solutions across a multitude of industries and the benefits customers derived.

Article: Lessons in Successful BPM from Lincoln Trust
Helen Cousins, CIO from Lincoln Trust discusses best practices for successful BPM that her team implemented using IBM BPM Blueprint and IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition.

White Paper: Working Smarter Through Intelligent, Responsive Decision Automation
How the combination of Business Rule Management and Business Event Processing can increase business agility

Decision management is an approach combining software and expertise to automate and improve decision making, and it is a primary key to achieving greater business agility. Automated decisions are the result of translating an organization’s strategic objectives into tactical business policies and requirements, which can then be implemented as decision logic for use within and across enterprise systems. In this white paper, we’ll explore two software technologies supporting better automated decisions—business rule management systems (BRMS) and business event processing (BEP)—and illustrate how these two solutions can work in tandem to help a variety of industries work smarter.

White Paper: Analyst Bruce Silver Evaluates WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition
IBM, the BPMS market share leader, now features two BPMS offerings within the WebSphere BPM family.  WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.1, the new version of Teamworks from Lombardi Software, acquired by IBM early in 2010, is built specifically for rapid iterative business-empowered design of human-centric processes.  WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition (WDPE), layered on SOA and the WebSphere Process Server runtime, represents IBM’s mainstream BPMS offering, a single platform capable of handling the full spectrum of BPM requirements across the enterprise.  This report covers version 7.0.1 of WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition.

Solution Brief: BPM for Banking — Streamlined Corporate Payment Systems
IBM offers proven Business Process Management (BPM) solutions specially designed to help banks develop and implement streamlined corporate payment solutions with less risk and improved time to value. Learn more about BPM for the banking industry in this solution brief.

Using Health Policies in WebSphere CloudBurst
Watch this demo to learn how easy it is to configure proactive application health policies using WebSphere CloudBurst and the Intelligent Management Pack Option for WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition.

WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Message Broker Hypervisor Editions Announced
These new images allows you to dispense WebSphere Business Monitor 7.0 environments using WebSphere CloudBurst to VMware hypervisors & in addition, WebSphere Message Broker Hypervisor Edition allows you to construct and deploy WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere MQ environments using WebSphere CloudBurst.

Weather Report: Build a Reconstructable Application Showcase
IBM WebSphere Emerging Technologies Evangelist Dustin Amrhein uses the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance to illuminate the effort that goes into constructing a showcase enterprise application environment that can host various client sessions and can be reconfigured on demand to support many different instances of those client sessions.

There's a New Purple Appliance in Town
 The IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to add an elastic data caching tier to enhance your application infrastructure. To help introduce you to the capabilities of this new appliance, which combines the robust DataPower hardware appliance platform with IBM's state of the art distributed caching technology, here are the top ten frequently asked questions about this new product.

WebSphere News and Announcements 

The Proven Path to Achieve Agility with BPM, SOA and Cloud
Improve core processes with business process management (BPM). Integrate with customers, suppliers and partners using service oriented architecture (SOA). Increase flexibility and control costs with cloud computing. Read about the latest solutions for business agility. Attend a live or virtual event.

IBM Introduces New Software and Cloud Services to Help Companies Improve Processes, Automate Decisions
On October 12, IBM introduced new software and cloud services that accelerate business processes, helping clients deliver better results and expanding IBM's leadership in business process management (BPM). Read the press release.

Interview: Q&A with Phil Gilbert, VP of Business Process Management, IBM Software Group, On the Future of BPM & IBM Blueworks Live
In this new interview, Phil Gilbert, Vice President, Business Process Management, IBM Software Group, talks about his focus in his new role at IBM. He also covers the exciting announcement of IBM Blueworks Live, and what the future holds for BPM. Follow Phil Gilbert on Twitter @philgilbertsr.

IBM Blueworks Live: Coming November 20th — BPM Blueworks and IBM Blueprint are Joining Forces in a New and Exciting Offering
Announcing IBM Blueworks Live, the new cloud-based BPM offering, which merges BPM Blueworks Beta and IBM BPM Blueprint. It will be available to the public on Nov 20, 2010. This offering targets companies (large and small) that manage individual processes over email with spreadsheets.

IBM Completes Acquisition of Unica Corporation
Expands IBM's Initiatives to Help Organizations Gain Customer Insight And Transform Marketing through Technology

IBM Introduces New Software and Cloud Services to Help Companies Improve Processes, Automate Decisions
IBM introduced new software and cloud services that accelerate business processes, helping clients deliver better results and expanding IBM's leadership in business process management (BPM).


Education and Certification

Get Special Savings on the IBM Education Pack
For a limited time, you can save 15% on training when you purchase an IBM Education Pack-online account in the United States or Canada. The IBM Education Pack is an online debit account that offers tiered discounts for prepaid training. It can be used by anyone in your department. Buy one today and lock in 12 months of discounted training. Get the details.

Your Clients Can Build Their Teams' Skills with a Complimentary IBM Training Plan
IDC reports that the most important factor in determining an IT project's success is the team's skill level.  As your clients plan and budget for 2011, make sure their teams have technical skills for project success. Let an IBM Training expert work with them to build a comprehensive, customized team training plan.  Learn more.

Create your IBM U.S. Training Custom Catalog
Get the latest courses and real-time class schedules with the IBM Training Custom Catalog. Choose from over 40 curriculum areas in the catalog request form and, within minutes, a PDF file with class descriptions, schedules and pricing will be delivered to your e-mail inbox. Get started now.

Online Workshops: Model Driven Business Process Development: Modeler, Integration Developer, Process Server, Monitor V7
This workshop will teach you the concepts of the WebSphere Version 7.0 Model Driven Business Process Development by using an end-to-end scenario. This workshop consists of presentations and hands-on lab exercises. Presentations cover the functions of the WebSphere Business Integration Products Version 7.0 and the full development life cycle of a sample business process.

  • WebSphere Business Modeler 7.0
  • WebSphere Integration Developer 7.0
  • WebSphere Process Server 7.0
  • WebSphere Business Monitor 6.2 and Monitor Toolkit

In hands-on lab exercises, we will go step-by-step through a scenario of a fictitious company.

Target Audience: Business Analysts, Integration Developers, Monitor Administrators, IT Specialists, IT Architects
Duration and Location: 3 days as Online Instructor-Led Workshop

Enroll in Canada. Starts Nov 9 - Contact:
Enroll in Belgium Starts Nov 16 - Contact:
Enroll in Germany - Starts Nov 16 - Contact
Enroll in Spain - Starts Nov 16 - Contact:

Business Partners - IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V7.0 Course
This 12-unit course covers the WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) programming model, integration with WebSphere ESB, the mediation programming model, Web service-based integration, custom mediations, high-level business processing, human tasks, and what is new in version 7.0.

Business Partners - WebSphere Process Server V7.0 Course
This course starts by providing you with an overview of business process management and the creation of integrated applications. Presented next is a technical overview of what is new in WebSphere Process Server V7.0 and WebSphere Integration Developer V7.0.

IBM Press Books and eBooks: Members Save 40%

Best-Selling IBM Press Books and eBooks (published by Pearson) are A\available at a 40% discount to registered members of Be sure you are logged in to your site account, visit the homepage and scroll down to see the IBM Press banner. Click on the banner to be brought to the IBM Press affiliate page where you will see the prices automatically discounted. Happy Learning!

Upcoming Webcasts and Seminars


Join Us at the Complimentary IBM WebSphere Application Infrastructure Summit in Montreal
Get the latest on IBM WebSphere Application Infrastructure portfolio of solutions straight from the top - the product Chief Architects. Don't miss them when they come to Montreal.

Register Early and Save on IMPACT 2011
Take advantage of a $300 discount to attend IMPACT 2011 by registering before February 18, 2011. IMPACT 2011 helps IT and business leaders explore together how they can work smarter to achieve greater business agility. This all-in-one event features the Forbes Business Leadership Forum plus technical training, hands-on labs and certifications for building your skills in WebSphere, SOA, BPM and cloud computing.

IMPACT 2010 Virtual Event — Going On Now!
Did you miss IMPACT 2010? Listen to the top-rated keynote presentations or download your favorite breakout session by attending the IMPACT 2010 virtual event.

Don’t Miss These BPM On-Demand Webinars:

Truths & Myths About Integrated Process & Rules Management
Many companies agree that Business Process Management along with Business Rules Management are a powerful combination for process improvement within an organization.  But some approaches to integrating process and rules management are more effective than others.  This presentation takes a quick look at truths – and myths – about integrated process and rules management.  We will recommend and demonstrate one particular approach that maximizes flexibility and ease-of-management as your process improvement program scales across the enterprise.

Featured speakers: Marc Smith, Technical Marketing Leader – Lombardi BPM, IBM and Gordon Siegfriedt, Technical Sales Engineer – Lombardi BPM, IBM

Put Data Design at the Heart of BPM
When creating a business process management (BPM) program, data architecture is often an afterthought. That’s a missed opportunity. By making an analytics-driven data architecture central to the BPM design, companies can better deliver on operational goals and help achieve strategic business objectives.  Tune in to hear firsthand how Lincoln Trust pursued this goal and tailored technology investments accordingly.   The result is a BPM environment that has reduced development time for simple workflow processes by 90%.

This session presents five key practices for incorporating data architecture into your BPM program. They are:

  • Recognize corporate process traits
  • BPM roadmap tracks corporate strategy
  • Integrate tools strategically
  • Normalize process data patterns
  • Leverage data-driven designs

When “Free” Isn’t Always Affordable: Comparing Commercial Business Rule  Software with Open-Source Alternatives
Budget pressures tempt many IT departments into considering open-source software (OSS) as one way to reduce operating costs while gaining the benefits of business rule management. Since OSS claims "free" acquisition costs, the proposition sounds promising. Appearances can be deceiving. What initially seems like a more affordable, cost-effective solution can actually turn out to be more expensive in the long run. Get the facts on open source. This webcast examines a recent comparative study between the WebSphere ILOG JRules business rule management system (BRMS) and JBoss Drools, an open-source business rule management product.

Discussion points

  • Value proposition and key business objectives of a BRMS
  • How each offering meets BRMS key objectives
  • How the study determined total cost of ownership for each offering

Who should attend?
Anyone who is considering or will be involved in the purchase of a business rule management system (BRMS) now or within the next year.


  • Jason Armstrong, Practice Manager for Strategic Solutions, Summa Technologies
  • Brett Stineman, Product Marketing Manager, WebSphere ILOG Business Rules Management System, IBM

BRMS Healthcare Webinar: "Transforming Healthcare Member Enrollment for Greater Efficiency"
HealthNow and Leveraging Technology, Inc. will be on hand to discuss how technologies such as BPM and Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) can help transform the member enrollment process into a source of competitive advantage and operational efficiency. Payers are using BPM and BRMS to achieve speed-to-market gains of over 50%, productivity gains of 30%, and reductions in cost and turnaround time for new-member enrollment.


  • John Walsh, Chief Enterprise Architect at HealthNow, will describe how it streamlined member enrollment with BPM and BRMS
  • Overcoming process silos for greater speed, agility and auditability
  • Best practices for leveraging BRMS to build smarter healthcare processes.

BRMS in Banking: "Recover Revenue Lost to Regulatory Reform by Increasing Cross-Sell Acceptance"
Forrester analyst Brad Strothkamp will be on hand to discuss how smart banks are recovering revenue through cross-selling. Effective cross-selling empowers front-line staff to suggest relevant offers at the point of contact, based on data like purchase history and propensity to buy. Higher customer-acceptance rates can represent a significant source of untapped revenue.


  • Financial regulatory reform and expected impact on bank revenue
  • Insights from customer relationships with their financial services provider
  • Ways to deepen the customer relationship and increase customer wallet share
  • Next-generation campaign management systems using business rules
  • Industry case studies
  • Five ways to fast ROI with BRMS

Business Agility: What CEOs Demand From Their CIOs
Join leading Business Process Management (BPM) author and strategist Peter Fingar and IBM Vice President of Marketing Nancy Pearson to discuss the issues driving the need for business agility and the latest advancements in BPM that are facilitating growth and innovation. This video webcast originally aired on October 14, 2010.

You will learn:

  • How the principles of BPM combined with the flexibility provided by SOA can increase innovation and operational excellence
  • The importance of focusing not just on internal business processes but agility throughout the dynamic business network that also affects suppliers and customers
  • How cloud and virtualization are being used to control costs and add flexibility to the infrastructure supporting the dynamic business network and processes
  • What the CEOs and other business leaders are expecting of their CIO in the company’s quest to improve overall business agility

Oct. 27 Lombardi Executive Luncheon & BPM Seminar in Puerto Rico
BPM seminar focusing on the 11 successful habits of BPM and WebSphere Lombardi Edition
Location: Ruth Chris in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Attend an IT Executive Summit to Hear About WebSphere advances
Participate in a regional IBM IT Executive Summit to learn about three IT projects every CEO will fund. Hear the latest announcements for WebSphere, SOA, BPM and cloud computing. The first event is in New York October 21, with IBM General Manager of WebSphere Marie Wieck. Watch for details on the other summits in Sao Paulo, Brazil Nov. 10; Colombo, Sri Lanka Nov. 30; and Paris, France Dec. 2.

Nov 9-11: TM Forum Management World Americas (TELECOM)
Event dates: November 9-11, 2010

Location: Rosen Shingle Creek TM Forum Management World  9939 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819

TM Forum Management World Americas is the industry’s leading communications management conference in NA. At this year's event IBM will feature a keynote speech by Mike Hill, Vice President, Enterprise Initiatives, Sales, Services, and Business Development. Visit the IBM and Sterling Commerce booth to learn more about IBM solutions for order management.

Visit the TMW Americas site for more information.

Follow on Twitter: @tmforumorg Hashtag: #mwamericas10

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